AMFEIX update v1.2 – v1.3


– Referral deposits and payments added (!!!)

– Graphs layout changed.

– Graphs position changed.

– Fiat APIs are not longer rounded.

– Withdrawal eth options are now hidden under the ‘advance tab’.

– Server hardening.

– Format of the dates in the graph has been changed.

– Paginators and further improvements on the admin panel.

– Codebase refactoring.

– Pubkey checks and security control.

– Cache on reescan.

– Internal code updates regarding optimization.

AMFEIX Platform Update v1.3

– Cache bug when changing from one account to another one has been solved [Investments were collapsing].

– Uppercase and spaces have been disallowed in the SEED key input when creating an account or login from an already created account (in order to avoid problems when inserting seed words).

– Information added in the chart dots.

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