AMFEIX’s Security Features

Key Security Features For Your Investment

When making investments, especially in cryptocurrency, security is a primary concern. AMFEIX, being a cutting edge decentralized fund, makes user security a top priority. This is achieved through tested, proven means, complimented by the 24/7 tech support we have to offer. By prioritizing investor satisfaction, trust, and security AMFEIX creates the premiere investment opportunity for those looking to become involved in cryptocurrencies.


With many new blockchain/cryptocurrency startups, decentralization is something of a buzzword used to cover up a lack of real features. However, decentralization in the case of AMFEIX is one of the primary security methods in place to ensure investors’ funds remain secure. By building this investment fund on the Ethereum network, it remains outside the control of any centralized authority, governmental body, regulatory parties, or anyone looking to manipulate your funds. This one simple method is key to keeping investors’ funds secure from outside sources.

Cold Storage

Keeping funds secure from major regulating bodies is one thing. But, making sure that funds remain out of the hands of those looking to secure them through less savory means is another. AMFEIX places all funds not being actively traded in cold storage wallets. Cold Storage is a proven, highly effective anti-hacking measure employed by many large exchanges, investment funds, investors, and others looking to keep their cryptocurrencies secure. What cold storage does is remove whatever coins placed within a storage device offline and free from online circulation. This renders them completely unhackable, as they are no longer on a vulnerable network. Due to its effective security, AMFEIX utilizes this technique to provide the best security on the market.

Investor Security

Another security measure that works in complement to the previous is exactly how much of the pooled investments that AMFEIX trades with at any given moment. By only trading with 30-50% of the currently pooled funds, AMFEIX ensures that a single bad movement or loss will not result in the complete liquidation of the pool. Not only is this a good habit for regular investors and day traders, it guarantees the long term health of the fund as a whole. The remaining 50-70% of the pooled funds remain secure in cold storage wallets. Both methods keep the fund stable, safe, and secure in the long term.

Wallet Seed Keys

When creating a wallet with AMFEIX, you will be required to copy down or otherwise remember a set of 12 words that are used to access your wallet. This is a typical security measure used to verify and link a new device logging into your wallet. Without these keys, you (or any other party) will be locked out of your funds, unable to access them. For users, it is vital that you copy down these 12 keys to make sure that you keep control of your wallet.

It is through these methods that AMFEIX protects users’ funds, keeping them secure and safe. By establishing these security features, it allows for other benefits to be guaranteed to users such as: no minimum investment period and no withdrawal limit from the fund. Through these proven security measures and practices, AMFEIX breeds user trust and cements itself as the leading cryptocurrency investment fund available today. Do not send your seed keys to anyone, including anyone working for AMFEIX.


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