What Are Seed Keys?

The Importance Of Your Seed Keys

Managing your cryptocurrencies and protecting your account is a straight forward task once you get the idea of how everything works. However, newer investors that have not yet dabbled in the crypto world and taken on the responsibilities of being your own bank may be daunted by this. Have no fear, this article is for you and will go into the importance of your seed keys along with how to protect them in case something happens.

What Are Seed Keys?

Seed keys are a set of 12 words used to not only protect your account but also recover it if something were to happen. These keys are vital to your wallet’s security as you need them to link your wallet to the device you are using upon first logging in. Without these keys, you will be locked out of your funds and will not be able to access them. No one wants that. So, for this very reason, it is always advised to write down your seeds in a safe place that you will not lose them.

Other ways of keeping them safe, along with writing them down, is to get the keys engraved into a metal card, get a safe or safety deposit box, or of course memorize them. However, life can play its games and it is always best to play it safe by having a couple copies of these seed keys that are stored off your computer or device to prevent them falling into the wrong hands. This means no storing them in your notepad app, contacts, the cloud or google drive. Be smart and wise with these keys as they are vital to protecting your money. If someone finds your seed keys they will have full access to your account and can act as if they are you. Nothing is worse than losing your money due to your negligence. So please keep your seed keys safe as they are more important than your passwords!


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